Traditional Foods - Grains And Cereals - Mini Millet

Sure N -Launches highly nutritious, hygienically processed and wholesome grains and cereals - known as minor millets... Grains and Cereals is attempting to re-introduce the food our ancestors consumed as a staple to bring back the vitality of our communities. Our products, primarily, minor millets are a great affordable source of various vital nutrients and fibre. From a public policy approach, these wonder grains have the potential to increase the nutrition security needed for the population in any nation. We strive to introduce these minor millets in order to prevent and control various lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes, cancer, cholesterol, etc. Again, these grains grow under adverse soil conditions with less water, virtually no fertilisers and pesticides, thereby making them environmentally sustainable. Given the growing scarcity of water, these minor millets provide greater guarantees from a food security perspective, as they are less water intensive. Let us adapt minor millets in our diets to ensure that the community remains healthy, that the environment is sustained and that the future of food remains secure.

Amirdhaaniyam Barnyard Millet (Kuthiraivali)


Amirdhaaniyam Foxtail Millet (Thinai)


Amirthaniyam Little Millet (Samai)


Amirthaniyam Kodo Millet (Varagu)


Amirthaniyam Ragi Flour (Kelvaragu)


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