Organic Spices & Masala

India is the major producer, consumer and exporter of spices in the world.

India grows over 60 different varieties of spices because of varied agro-climatic conditions and soil types.

India produces about 60 Lakh MT of spices, of which, about 6.9 Lakh MT (11%) is exported to more than 150 countries.


In recent years, organic agriculture has been gaining considerable importance. Many farmers today show interest all over the world in organic farming. Several of them have begun switching to this traditional method of cultivation as a means to produce safe foodstuffs and preserve the environment.

The concept of organic farming is not new to India but Indian Farmers traditionally follow the indigenous farming principles and practices for a sustainable farming and preservation of environment which are in tune with present day organic farming concepts.

Himalayan Rock Salt


Mannvasanai Biriyani Masala


Mannvasanai Garam Masala


Mannvasanai Sambar Masala


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